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How To Add A Linked Account

June 29, 2023

Mobile App Instructions

When adding an account in Ploutos Budget you can choose to have it be linked to your financial institution or not. When it is linked all of your transactions for spending type accounts or holdings for investment type accounts will be pulled in automatically. If you choose to not link it you will just add in your transactions or investment holdings manually when they happen.

Note: You can change your mind at any time and link or unlink an account.

  1. Click the Add Button in the bottom right.
Click add button
  1. Click Link.
Create buttons
  1. Click Connect and Continue.
Connect account
  1. Select your financial institution.
  2. Enter your credentials and follow the prompts.
  3. Select any (or all) of the accounts you would like to link to Ploutos Budget and then click Continue.
  4. Now click Done.
Connect account

  1. Click the Add Button in the bottom right.
Click add button
  1. Click Account.
Create buttons
  1. Give this account a Name.
  2. Select Account Type.
  3. Select your Link that you just created.
  4. Enter in your account Balance.
    • No balance needed for Investment type accounts.
  5. Click Save.
Filled out account form

You can at any point link an unlinked account and vice versa. Once an account is linked any new pending or posted transactions will show up in their respective account tab on the left side navigation.

Note: Only posted linked transactions can be added to your budget.

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