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How To Handle Investments

July 14, 2023

Mobile App Instructions

There is so much more to Ploutos Budget than just budgeting. We have created Ploutos Budget to be your central hub for all of your financial accounts. On top of being able to budget and track your loans, you can also keep track of your investments.

Just like a spending account we can choose to have our investment account be linked or unlinked. A linked investment account will pull in your investment holdings automatically and update them periodically. If you choose to not link your investment account you will just need to add the investment holdings manually and update them periodically on your own.

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Add An Investment Account

  1. Click the Add Button in the bottom right.
Click add button
  1. Click Account.
Create buttons
  1. Give this account a Name.
  2. Select "Investment" for the Account Type.
  3. You can select a previously created Link. (Optional)
  1. Click Save.
Completed investment account form

Manually Add An Investment Holding

  1. Click the Add Button in the bottom right.
Click add button
  1. Click Holding.
Create buttons
  1. Enter the Name of the investment holding.
  2. Enter the Ticker Symbol of the holding.
  3. Enter the number of Shares.
  4. Enter your Cost Basis. This is the total amount you have paid for all of these shares.
  5. Enter the Market Value. This is the total amount you could sell all the shares for.
  6. Select the investment Account this holding is in.
  7. Click Save.
Completed investment holding form

If you click on the newly created account you will see the holding we created. From here you can see which holdings are linked. A linked holding will provide more information about the holding than an unlinked one.

Investment holding list

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