Ploutos BudgetMint
No advertisementsPloutos Budget makes money through a low cost subscription. We don't show ads in our application and we never sell your data.Mint's interface is littered with distracting ads and special promotion of other companies' products.
Investment TrackingPloutos Budget allows you to manually or automatically track your investment holdings to help you stay on top of your portfolio's performance.Mint tracks your account balances.
FlexiblePloutos Budget can be used in its entirety with or without linking any accounts to your financial institution.Mint is not designed to be used without linking it with your financial institutions.
BudgetPloutos Budget allows you to fully customize your budget's main categories and sub categories (collections and categories) to suit your needs. You can add, edit, delete, and reorder any way you would like.Mint doesn't allow you to add, edit, or delete your own main categories.

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