Maintain a clutter-free budget by removing outdated accounts and categories, while preserving your historical data.

Simplify Finances, Preserve History

Ploutos Budget offers a simple solution for managing unused accounts and categories. While not actively used, these hold valuable historical data for future reference or financial analyses.

Even though these accounts and categories are idle, Ploutos Budget doesn’t delete them. Instead, they’re moved out of immediate view for a clean user interface and easy navigation of active accounts.

These hidden accounts and categories remain in the system, available for access whenever needed. This feature helps maintain your financial data’s continuity, tracking habits, changes, and growth over time.

This key feature of Ploutos Budget not only simplifies platform navigation, but also preserves your financial history. It ensures no part of your financial journey is lost, providing a comprehensive view of your financial history. This reflects Ploutos Budget’s commitment to meeting all user needs.

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Manage your money better.

Start your journey towards financial freedom with Ploutos Budget. We aim to empower you to understand your finances, create a realistic budget, and make informed decisions. Sign up for Ploutos Budget today and watch your wealth grow with a one-month free trial!