Manage all your financial transactions in one place. This gives you complete control over your finances, ensuring you never miss a transaction again.

Never Miss A Transaction

Ploutos Budget gives you control over your finances by keeping track of all your transactions. It’s simple to monitor both pending and posted transactions across your accounts.

You can view unprocessed transactions for an accurate picture of your available funds. This helps you plan and avoid unexpected financial issues.

For posted transactions, Ploutos Budget provides a clear ledger of all your finished transactions. This shows you where your money is going, highlighting any spending patterns or habits.

Additionally, Ploutos Budget lets you add notes to your transactions or mark them with a custom flag. This is handy when you need to remember details about a transaction or categorize your spending for detailed financial analysis.

The filter and search features make it easy to find your transactions. Whether you need a specific transaction or want to see all transactions from a certain category or time period, the search and filter tools can help.

In short, Ploutos Budget is a complete financial tool designed to simplify managing your transactions, give you deeper insights into your financial habits, and ultimately, improve your financial health.

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Manage your money better.

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