Archive Accounts

August 25, 2022

Archive Budget Accounts

There may be instances when you are transitioning between financial institutions or credit cards, and you find yourself with an old account in Ploutos Budget that is no longer in use. This could be a spending, savings, or any other type of account that you’ve used in the past. You might feel inclined to delete it, but it’s important to note that a financial account in Ploutos Budget can only be deleted if there are no transactions associated with it. This is a safeguard put in place to prevent any inadvertent data loss in your carefully planned budget.

However, this does not mean that you are stuck with an obsolete account cluttering your budgeting view. Ploutos Budget introduces a feature that allows you to hide these unused accounts from your budget. This way, you can keep your budget interface neat and focused on the accounts that are currently active and relevant to your financial planning.

Hiding an account in this manner does not erase any of the valuable data associated with it. All the transactions, the history, the patterns – all remain intact. They’re simply put out of sight so they don’t distract from your present budgeting.

Furthermore, this process is not irreversible. If a need arises where you have to revisit the account, for any reason such as a dispute or a required audit, you can un-archive the account. It will be brought back into your budget, complete with all the data it had when you decided to hide it.

This feature provides you with the flexibility to manage your budget interface according to your current needs, while also ensuring that your financial history is preserved, accessible, and can be utilized when necessary.

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