Investments Are Live

May 10, 2023


Ploutos Budget aims to be an all-in-one money management tool. Stay on top of your investment holdings and track their performance over time. Tracking your investments can show you how your day to day and month to month spending plays a role in your long term savings. Track your net worth by integrating investments.

Automatic Tracking

Just like with your spending accounts you can link your investment accounts with Ploutos Budget and let your holdings be automatically pulled in and tracked.

Manual Tracking

If you don’t want to connect your investment accounts but still want to track your investments inside of Ploutos Budget then we have great news. Just like everything else in Ploutos Budget we allow you the option to manually input your investments. We know some of our members find it helps them to be more engaged in their finances when they are manually entering the data instead of letting data flow in automatically.

We are excited to finally have investment tracking in Ploutos Budget and hope you love it.

Ploutos Budget cover photo.

Manage your money better.

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