A list of transactions with custom transaction labels.

Label Transactions With Flags

September 12, 2022

Sometimes assigning categories alone is not enough, so we added flags. Web and mobile users can now assign custom flags to a transaction. You can not only assign a flag color to a transaction, but also add a label to that flag color. That way you and anyone else you budget with can easily remember what it means.

Transaction flags can be useful for keeping track of reimbursements, tax deductions, or as a reminder that a transaction needs attention in the future. Some members like to use them for historical markings to indicate an un-budgeted or impulse purchase.

As you would imagine you can filter your transaction list on different flags to be able to find them again. You can also export the list to a csv file. If you are keeping track of tax-deductible expenses with flags you can filter on that flag and export those transactions to a csv file for your accountant.

Labeling a transaction with a flag has many use cases, so try them out and see how they can improve your budget work flow.

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